Rep. Wood launches 'Hometown Heroes' campaign

Published on Thursday, 23 April 2020 20:06
Written by Erica Drzewiecki


State Rep. Kerry Wood wants to recognize folks doing good deeds during a tough time.

The representative of Connecticut General Assembly’s 29th House District, comprising Rocky Hill, Wethersfield and the southeastern-most portion of Newington, is launching a new campaign she calls “Hometown Heroes.”

“We only hear the negative news all the time,” Wood said. “I think it’s time to showcase all the wonderful things people are doing for one another. It’s a great way to help people get through this and cope.”

While the COVID-19 pandemic has many local residents working from home and straying from their daily routines, some have proven themselves worthy of recognition by doing kind acts for neighbors and others.

Wood is asking everyone to think of an unsung hero and reach out to tell her about this person, at A webpage highlighting the good work of these Hometown Heroes is being created and their stories will also be shared on social media and in her newsletter.

He or she might be a firefighter, a nurse, a police officer, or another essential worker putting themselves at risk of illness right now. Maybe a friend who grocery shops for an elderly person nearby or is crafting Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare workers.

“You can’t believe the work these people are doing,” Wood said. “There’s been so many positive stories. I think it showcases what a wonderful community we live in and shows how we can come together during a difficult time and be there for each other.”

In her hometown of Rocky Hill, Wood observed a resident building a bike trail around Dividend Pond and others picking up trash they encountered in the park.

“In Newington there is also a walking trail in my district and neighbors told me people have gone in there and cut back all of the overgrown brush,” Wood added. “There’s just been lots of community volunteerism going on. A lot of people are checking in on their elderly neighbors…It’s amazing how people step up and heed that call.”

Wood hopes that by recognizing Hometown Heroes and sharing the good they do, it will inspire others to think beyond themselves and extend the kind streak after this health crisis has let up.

“Sometimes people ask me, ‘what is it going to be like after this is all over?’” she said. “I think we should look at the positive lessons we’ve learned. We can get through this by helping each other.”

Nominate a Hometown Hero by sending their name, photograph, street address and email or phone number to State Rep. Kerry Wood at Include a short description of what they’ve done to make the community stronger during the pandemic.

“I hope that you will help me to focus on the positive and shine a light on the thankless but significant contribution of so many local heroes in our community,” Wood said.

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